In-Home Tech Support- there's no need to disconnect all of those cables and cords. Our friendly and patient techs will work with you in your home.

Home Theater- local dealer of high-end electronics including LG, Samsung, and SONOS products. Let us help you design the best system for your space.

Wiring- our skilled techs can wire new or existing construction for network connections in any part of your house.

Slow Internet Connection- are your devices struggling to connect or stay connected to the internet? Are webpages and movies slow to load? We work with your internet service provider to isolate and fix the problem.

WiFi and WiFi Signal- new WiFi setup or extending an existing signal, we have the right equipment for the job.  We can also test existing networks to make sure you are getting the best performance from your network.

Printers- setting up printers, sharing printers across devices and even hardware repairs can be tackled by our experienced techs.

File and media sharing- why limit yourself to movies or music on only one device- movies, music, photos, and files can be accessible from every computer in your home (and often televisions too.)

Video Surveillance Systems- would you like to watch over your property while out of town or check-up on babysitters and house sitters?  There are a variety of applications for our affordable home systems.

Smart Home- control your lights, temperature, video cameras, home theater and more from your phone or tablet.  Even when you're out of town!